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By HannahJoy · May 26, 2013 · ·
  1. HannahJoy
    Can someone tell me the breed of this chicken? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have two and no clue as to the breed.
    Confused in Oklahoma!

    Thanks in advance,


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  1. TheCrazyClucker
    A lot of people confuse Red Sex-Links with Rhode Island Reds,but they should not be confused. Sex-Links have chararistically white-striped hackles and white tail feathers,Rhode Island Reds should not have any white feathers in their plumage if they are true to type. [email protected],if your so called 'Rhode Island Reds' have any white on their plumage,they are definitely not Rhode Island Reds.
  2. vtguania
    They look like my red sex link which I bought as RIR according to the guy at TSC
  3. HannahJoy
    Crazy Clucker, I think you're correct! I believe the two unID'ed pullets are Red Sex Links. I have several very young black Sexlinks and the characteristics are simular. Thanks for your input.
  4. TheCrazyClucker
    That's not a Rhode Island Red. Rhode Island Reds are a deep mahogany all the way through,they virtually don't have any white on them anywhere. That's a Red Sex-Link. Sex-Links are specially bred so the males look different than the females at birth.
    You could check out my review of Sex-Links for more information here:
    And also,this is not really the place to ask your breed question. Please ask it here,on the "What Breed Or Gender is This?" forum:
    Hope this was helpful! :)
  5. HannahJoy
    I have Rhode Island reds and they don't look like that!
    Rhode island red

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