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By plumberroy · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. plumberroy

    My name Is
    Roy Hale
    I am a plumber by trade
    old school hillbilly by blood

    I have a
    wife of all most 27 years
    a 24 year old daughter
    and a 30 year old Son who is
    no longer with us
    I raise my chickens
    (raise too much squash [​IMG])
    work on vintage (old)garden tractors

    I fish
    (I won't eat any fish not caught in my presence)
    (roam though the woods and occasionally shoot something to eat)
    Paddle around in a kayak

    I also play with watercolors
    all though I am not
    verry good
    This is what I believe
    that all for now
    My two guns for
    chicken predator removal
    the bottom onr has a rifle barrel on it in pic
    it comes with a 410 barrel too
    Warning dead squirrel in pic

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