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Plymouth Rock Barred By Chicks Chickens

  1. Chicks & Chickens

    Plymouth Rock
    Barred Created by Chicks & Chickens
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    I ordered a random Egg pack and recieved a Barred Plymouth Rock. She is very sweet and loves her mama. They are extremely friendly and curious about the world. While she is very docile, she also is very playful and loves being around other Chicks. When you raise this breed with more Chicks, the Plymouth Rocks will want to always be with their playmates because they will start cherping really loud when they are separated. They are a beautiful, well tamed, and sweet breed that is perfect for a Chicken fan.





    Description / Information


    This is Harmony on 11/13/11 at age 35 days old. You can see her Feathers so much.​


    My little Barred Plymouth Rock. She's growing the comb.​


    She is very curious about the world around her.​


    This was my little Chick at 2 weeks old. Her wing feathers were growing in.​


    This is her yawning. They are so cute!​

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  1. BarredRockMom
    Oh they are SOOOOO sweet!! We got our girls when they were somewhere around 2-3 months old, so I really missed out on the Baby Barred Rock phase. They are just adorable. You can almost see the wheels turning as they look around & learn about their environments! Thanks for posting pics of your babies!!!
  2. Abrelea
    Any hints on sexing barred plymouth rock chicks, I've heard of a few ways, mine are 2 days old.
  3. PheazAnts
    I have to agree. This breed is aww-some! I consider myself a newbie as well. I agree their temperament is sweet. I like the name Harmony for yours.
  4. Roxannemc
    I am new too I have pics of mine i will tryand post phtos of what ihave. for you. At least you will have 3 breed of babies.. .
  5. bj taylor
    i wish there were some good pics of when they are very young. i have 4 breeds & i can't tell them apart (being brand new to chickens) (except the buff orpingtons - the only yellow ones in the bunch).

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