Plymouth Rock Blue

By TigerLilly · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. TigerLilly

    Plymouth Rock
    Blue Created by TigerLilly
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    This is a beautiful combination between a Barred Rock hen & a Blue Wyandotte roo. This may be my first experiment in hatching my own eggs. They're beautiful!





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  1. Mybackyardpeepers
    Hi. I purchased 4 of these specialty chicks from family farm and home, one is light with yellow coloring on her head. Is this common in the breed and what will she possibly look like as an adult?
  2. Nomibear
    Are they still good egg layers? I wanted to get some barred Plymouth Rocks because i understood they were friendly and good egg layers, but i do like the look of these;) just beautiful! ~Naomi
  3. little farmer
    They are really cute. I have a cuckoo marans and a barred rock and the marans is kinda blue lookin' but she's not one of them. :3
  4. Lacy Blues
    Very nice! I'm not sure but I think that rocks that are going to be shown have to have yellow legs, which is pretty hard to come by in a blue bird! If you're not planning to show... go for it! I think they're beautiful and want to wish you good luck with them! Looks like your little rooster is showing some barring in the feathers on his head... or it may just be the light. Post more pics as they grow please. I'd like to see how they turn out. I'm a blue fanatic! I raise andalusians and I just picked up some blue orpington bantams! They are the cutest little things. But I LOVE my large fowl.
  5. riverman
    They are beautiful! What an odd combination.

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