Pocket Sized Silkie Gang

By UglyYellow · Feb 21, 2012 · Updated Feb 21, 2012 · ·
  1. UglyYellow
    A first time Chicken Mama - I started with two, day old chicks....Miss Mimolette and her bestie Lady Rene.


    Lady Rene ended up being not such a lady (SURPRISE!)....and Mimolette lost her best rooster friend to a nice home in the country.


    She was heartbroken, and became a delightfully needy pet. But lonely.


    So we got her some babies...and gifted a couple of them to our friend who had just tragically lost three of her chickens.


    Now I'm a proud chicken Mama...


    5 happy chickens.


    They're just getting big enough now to free range on clover in our yard on the weekends.


    I sit outside watching them, doing art, and scaring away the cats. They should all be laying sometime in March!

    The GANG:

    Mimolette [Blue Silkie]...loyal (she runs to me), usually quite moody, #1 Mama Hen

    Queen Fadonna aka Queeny [Red Silkie - giant hat]...wishes she was #1 Mama hen, adventurous, most photogenic

    Butternut [White Silkie]...great for holding, tame, very tall with a pointy tail (this is most concerning), the awkward kid in school

    Silverstien [Splash Silkie]...falls asleep when you hold her, scaredy cat, shy/timid, delightfully adorable, has 11 toes

    Headband [Partridge Silkie]...camera shy, loner, doesn't even bother with playing those silly pecking order games

    I would love to hear what you think of my little makeshift chicken family! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  1. emgrider
    They are adorable!!! You have a lovely little flock!
  2. AbbysSilkies
    Oh my lord I’m in love! beautiful birds!! I have three buff silkies, Milo, Venus and Poppy. How did you get Mimolette to bond with you? We have laying hens who were bred not to bond, yet they adore me while my silkies, while they’ll sit in my lap, won’t make an effort to come to me. Beautiful flock! Angels!
  3. rjrinehart
    I’m a silkie mama too. We had two white silkies and how we have 4 babies
  4. ben0125
    Haha they look like Llamas
      AbbysSilkies likes this.
  5. lindseydar
    What a bunch of fluffy butts!! I’m getting three silkie chicks soon and can’t wait
      ViolinPlayer123 likes this.
  6. Abriana
    So adorable! I love that last picture. Wonderful pictures, wonderful flock!
      ViolinPlayer123 likes this.
  7. Katherine Robertson
    I want silkies soooo bad!!!
    Got a white one same as yours ... call her Paris Hilton ... petrified of everything ... seen her jump at the sight of her own shadow
  9. CP Chicken
    Aww, those silkies are so sweet!
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  10. Chickensfan
    Wow! I love silkies! You have such a beautiful flock!
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  11. chicmom
    I love your pics and also your descriptions of each silkie. I'm smitten with silkies! LOL
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  12. Dawnclucks22
    Beautiful girls! Love the names!
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  13. MagpieDucks
    Now, I want silkies! Adorable flock. :love
      blackdust951 likes this.
  14. RodNTN
    They are so sweet! <3
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  15. 4 Georgia Hens
    I am in love! I have 2 silkies:
    They are my everything!
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  16. Chicka and Co
    Gorgeous silkies!
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  17. CedarCluck
    You know to be honest I am not really all that fond of silkies, but you have raised some beautiful silkies and those are awesome pictures. My bf wants us to get a silkie, and maybe I just might consider it now lol
      blackdust951 likes this.
  18. chickenlover237
    adorable! I would love to have some silkies but it might be awhile before I can convince my parents... planning and waiting...
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  19. Chickenpro123
    i like silkies there my favorit
  20. willowbranchfarm
    Very cute chicks/chickens
  21. EggTooth
    I am a Connie too =)
    I just ordered my first set of chicks recently and they arrived yesterday safe and sound! I ordered from mypetchicken.com and they supposedly have a smaller-than-usual minimum order and a special heat pack they put in with the chicks. I was very happy with them. I had to order six being in calif, although they still arrived next day. If you're closer to wherever they are, the minimum is 3 chicks. You'd have to check on availability dates for your silkies, but they go into Sept./ Oct. for the breeds I looked into
  22. Cluckker
    Hi I am kinda new to chickens .. I have a few. I live in Reno Nv I would like to buy some silkie any one have an Ideal .. the feed stores around here said they are not ordering anymore chicken this year that how much I know about chickens.. LOL can any one tell where on line to order them .. thanks .. connie
    1. ChickenyChickeny
      your best bet would be just finding someone nearby you who has some silky chicks.i'm a first time chicken owner as well, I just got mine this spring. Its ridiculously hard to find chickens to order online; don't spend time (like i did for soooo long) looking at chickens hatcheries that sell chickens by order. look at kijiji, its easier
  23. chicktalk1
    Adorable.I hope to be adding some silkies to my chicken family soon!
  24. HisMorbidDesire
    WWW!!! there so cute. i want more Silkies Myself, my mom really likes ours
  25. EggTooth
    I am going to have my 8 year old read your names for inspiration. We just got our six new girls today (one day old) I've banned "poofy" and like names but am allowing her to name two. (my husband and I each get to name two as well) Thank you so much for sharing!
  26. California_chickie
    Super cute! Love the photos-- you have a lovely family :) Did you take those photos with your phone? They look very professional
  27. lifefromthelog
    Omg...I love your chicken family!!! I have one Silkie and I want more! I have other chickens but they don't seem to like her and they pick on her. Where can I find them/ buy more?
  28. Debbie831
    First time chicken owner. I have 20 silkie chicks, Yikes!! Did not think they would all make it so we bought extra. I am into my 2nd week with them. Now I cannot imagine losing any, LOVE them!!!
  29. HenFriend
    Love them and the original names! Funny how there always seems to be one loner.
  30. cathy-lee
    adorable - your little chookies sure are spoilt nicely.
    great images too!
  31. craftyfarmer
    What lovely chickens you have. I hope to have some in the near future.
    Laurie( AKA- craftyfarmer)
  32. joan1708
    great photography!
  33. Whittni
    They are pretty cute? So no pics of the loner Headband?
  34. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  35. texasgurl
    Well, they are delightful! What a wonderful bunch of babies! : )
  36. lorijohnson823
    Beautiful Silkies! I am going to be a first time Chicken mama soon. I can't wait to get my Silkies. love the pictures!
  37. UglyYellow
    Thank you guys! [​IMG]
  38. Hydo
    You have beautiful girls and I love your names. I just got some baby silkies, L hope they grow up half as cute as yours.
  39. Shayna
    *your (too late for typing good)
  40. Shayna
    You're silkies are beautiful!
  41. judyki2004
    they are absolutely beautiful!!!

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