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Poem by HopieGirl4Ever - The Rooster

  1. HopieGirl4Ever


    The Rooster
    Proud and strong is the Rooster’s song
    With feathers shining,
    At dawn he stands,
    Proclaiming his wonder
    Over the lands
    And when the sun
    Appears on the horizon,
    His shining visage seems to wisen
    And for a moment right there,
    In the golden morning air he stands,
    Proclaiming his wonder
    Over the lands.

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  1. Fluffers
  2. HopieGirl4Ever
    Thank you Ren2014!
  3. Ren2014
    BEAUTIFUL rooster!
  4. HopieGirl4Ever
  5. DancingWthDucks
    Great poem! That rooster is gorgeous!
  6. AustralorpsAU
    Well he is so beautiful
  7. HopieGirl4Ever
  8. Wyorp Rock
    Wonderful poem!
    Handsome fella!
  9. hmbelk
    Wow! Simply gorgeous. I could see a whole flock like him. You could start a new breed ;)
  10. sroy
    He is SO PRETTY!!!!!

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