This is my new coop that I finished this fall. I bought this building and moved it to my property.
It has 4 pens. I have one pen of Delewares, 2 banty pens ( silky and Frizzle) and a pen of Americanas. I also use the front portion for chicken feed storage on one side, and garden storage on the other ( i just finished a raised vegetable garden next to this house).

I reworked this whole building (12x16). Added all the windows and the dutch door and french doors on the sides. I actually cut out the rooster shutters with a jigsaw by myself! I made the feeders myself from Home Depot buckets with plant pot liners bolted on and then spray painted them. A lot of the interior materials came from Habitat, the doors, are louver doors that I cut the louvers out of the top half and chicken wired. Paint, door handles and chandeliers are also are habitat. I just finished installing trigger drink cups in each pen. I also have an electric timer for the chandeliers so the girls get enough light to continue to lay though the winter months.
It was a fun project and I'm thrilled with the finished product!

These are the pictures I took when I picked up the coop.

Rosemary, yellow knock out roses and encore azales adorne the landscaping.

Double Chandeliers (from Habitat!) Coop art made by me!

Hardware cloth buried 12". lattice just decoative. Trellis on the sides are growing Winter Jasmine.

Louvered doors from Habitat!


Note: green egg door in front of trash can. It has 4 nest (two each pen), I made a frame, and covered it first with shade cloth, then with hardware cloth. That way, I dont disturb hens that are in the boxes by opening the doors when they are laying.

roosts and coop art.

Roger. my Delaware Rooster

Charlotte, a young frizzle banty.

Bantys getting ready for bed.