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    This is my free Craigslist find that I will be getting tomorrow, 6/25/11. It is 51" x 75" x 5' tall. I am having an amazing time researching and figuring out what I am going to do with it. Time will surely tell! (6/24/11)


    Got the house this past Saturday, and as of today...I am getting free roofing supplies thanks to a crew that showed up early this morning and started a roof job on a house across the way from me that is for sale. I am so blessed!!!! (6/28/11)

    Came home to enough of this to do my roof....just like the man in charge said he would leave for me:
    Amazing thing is...he had asked me what color I wanted and I said black or gray but beggar's can't be choosers....I come home to this lovely color and the roof they put on across the street was brown!!! This guy really rocked it for me. :)

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