Poops Raffle

By Sooner · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Sooner
    (6) Hen aprons
    Egg basket
    Hatching eggs
    Rooster/Chicken figurines
    Oriental tray
    (6) 8oz cage cups
    Fishing poles
    Garden rooster
    Chicken picture
    Plants (Cat nip & Mint)
    Rose art set (kids)
    Basket with assorted kitchen chicken stuff
    Teen girl stuff (jewelry ect)
    Quail eggs
    Quail egg turner for foam incubator (turner only)
    Egg cartons
    Deco plate set (chicken/pig)
    Chicken placemats (set of 6)
    Slingshot airplanes (2)
    2010 P.O.O.P.S shirt (2) (sizes later)

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