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By Sooner · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Sooner
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    2011 People of Oklahoma Poultry Swap!!!!!
    Cityclucks 1-med pink, 1-LG marron
    Teach 1-XXL maroon, 2-YXL maroon
    Sooner 1-Med pink, 1-YXL pink
    Betsy 1-XL Maroon
    Artsyrobin 1-XL pink, 1-XXL Maroon
    Mjgigax 1-XXL pink, 2-XXL Maroon
    Okiechick57(MONTY TO DELIVER & PAYMENT) 2-XXL pink, 1-XXL Maroon, 1-Ymed pink, 1-Ysm Maroon.
    Nocityboy 1-LG Maroon

    Poultryandbees 1-YS Maroon, 1-XXL Maroon, 1-XXL Pink
    OkCarla 2-LG Maroon, 1-LG Pink
    Poco Pollo 1-sm maroon, 1- LG Maroon
    Kwartel 1-SM Pink, 1-LG Maroon

    Greybear 1-XL Maroon, 1-4X Maroon
    QueenPeaches 2-YXS Maroon, 1-YXS Pink, 2-YSM Pink, 2-LG Maroon, 1-LG Pink

    Donnie 1-XL Maroon, 1-XL Pink
    Carterfamily 1-XXL Pink, 1-XXXL Maroon
    Okracefan 1-XXL Maroon
    Havinfun 1-Ymed Maroon, 1-XXXL Maroon
    Sgtmck1 1-XXL Maroon, 1-LG Maroon, 2-LG Pink, 1-Med Pink
    Buckguy 1-LG Maroon, 1-5XL Maroon, 1-Med Pink

    Crestedchicklover 2-Med Maroon, 1-3XL Pink
    Upcdayz 1-XL Maroon (to be mailed)
    Muesky 1-XL Maroon, 1-XL Pink
    NNbreeder 1-LG Maroon, 1-LG Pink, 1-XL Maroon, 1-XL Pink
    Jarvis 1-Med Pink, 1-LG Maroon
    michaeldaughtery 1-XXL Maroon
    Pepper48 1-LG Maroon, 1-3X Maroon
    Sixshooter 1-Med Maroon, 1-LG Maroon (Mailed)
    Funchick 1-2XL Maroon, 1-4XL Pink, 1-4XL Maroon
    Bethinok 1-Ysm Pink, 1-Ymed Pink, 1-Med Maroon, 1-XL Maroon
    CayuseRanch 1-XL Pink
    Momma_raven 1-XXL Maroon, 1-XXXL Pink
    Tulsafeater 1-XL Pink
    Elwood Lightfoot 2-4XL Maroon
    Cubanlongtail 1-XXL Maroon
    Firefly89 1-SM Pink, 1-Med Maroon
    Doc Henry 1-4XL Maroon, 1-4XL Pink
    BarnSwallow 1-YXS Maroon, 2-YSM Maroon, 1-YLG Maroon, 1-LG Maroon, 2-XL Maroon
    OldMotherHen 2-XXL Maroon (chiclooker)
    Buster52 1-XL Maroon, 1-XXL Maroon

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