PostcardPigeon's Page

Hello! I'm Chelsea, from Missouri.
Although my family had chickens a few years ago in another state (about 35 chickens total; 6 Rhode Island Reds and the rest Barred Plymouth Rocks), we can't any more. However, I can't wait to have chickens again someday! Some of my favorite chickens breeds are pictured here, if nothing else but for their beautiful colors. Again, I don't own these chickens, but I took most of the pictures at the fair (if I didn't, I'll acknowledge the photographer).

Golden Sebright @ Missouri State Fair of '09
Although I dearly enjoy her coloring, I mostly am awed by how perfect her feathers seem to be. As if she were drawn with markers.

Porcelain d'Uccle (bantam) @ Missouri State Fair of '09
Almost looks like fish scales, or a watercolor. I like the Buff Brahma in the background as well.

Buff Silkie @ Missouri State Fair of '09

Blue Standard Cochin @ Missouri State Fair of '09
A lovely grey-blue mist color, no?​