Potty Training Chickens!
By Penelope Dean Hibbitts

Hello Folks,
Motherhen here! I have discovered a way to paper train and housebreak my chickens! The experiments have been successfull! I started griping loudly at the hens and roo's everytime one of them went to potty and immediatly placed them on a newspaper or out the door..proclaiming loudly "yyyh ooooh! Bad Girl! or Bad Boy"! I have noticed that chickens respond well to routines and repetitve words. After several weeks of screaming Bad Girl or Bad Boy...I finally got some results. When one of the kid's would potty on the floor...the others would start screeching "uuuuhhhhooohhhhhh aaaaad irrrrllll!" They seem to repeat the vowels and try to make consonants. I looked and my errant hen..ran to the door screeching to go outside! If noone comes they will use the paper! It has been a long rough road but I have successfully trained 13 so far! I consider this a great achievment! If you spend a lot of time with your chickens like I do...they learn to immitate you. My girls and roo's do not like it when I get up set and tell them they are bad girls or boy's this method also works to keep them in the yard. It takes a bit of time and practice and sometimes they still miss and potty next to the paper..but you can tell they were trying to be good. When I see one of them doing good like going to the door or on the paper...I make a big scene in front of the others and tell them what a Smart baby they are and how pretty are. They are so conceited and adore the praise they will try to do whatever I am trying to teach them. I am amazed at how smart my chicken children are.