Poultry nipples

By sassysarah · Jul 5, 2017 · ·
  1. sassysarah
    So recently I made poultry nipples with my Dad! Here's how to make them!

    What you will need:

    5 gallon bucket.
    A drill and a 11/32 drill bit to drill holes..

    Poultry nipples, for the chickens to drink from.
    A wrench to tighten the poultry nipples.

    Sealant, (to be sure water doesn't leak through)

    How to make
    Ok so first of all you will need to get out all of the things I showed you on top. Get a marker and put a dot on the places you are putting the nipples. I did four. Then drill holes in those places. Make sure when you drill the holes you drill bit isn't going in down in a angle, you want it to go straight down... Once you have the holes, cover this part of the nipples with sealant .
    Then put the nipple into the drilled hole.
    You can use the wrench to tighten them.. Keep doing this until you have them all finished. Try to tighten the nipples as tight as possible. Then you are done! Fill the bucket with water and let and put it in the run!
    Here is a video to help!
    Good luck!


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  1. Hybridchucks
    You know the oil gland, ducks and chickens have? Well i said to my "friends" "This is a chicken nipple, the chicks suck from these." And do u know what! They believed me!!!!!! HAHA!!!!:lau:lau:lau:lau:lauI as joking though!:lol:
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    1. sassysarah
      Lol!!!!! :lol
    2. sassysarah
      Thanks for commenting and rating!!!!!
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  2. HenOnAJuneBug
    I love to be walked through how to do something with a good explanation and pictures. This article does a good job of that. Thank you.
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  3. sassysarah
    No comments!:(

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