Poultry Poop

By junglebird · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. junglebird
    Poops I'm worried about, bright yellow urate (saw one yesterday, and second one today):
    Poops I'm worried about, intestinal lining (have seen this twice, started a couple of days ago):

    Poops I'm worried about, foamy (I see this daily):
    foamyyellow.jpg partialfoamyyellow.jpg foamybrown.jpg morefoamy.jpg
    Poops I'm worried about, gloppy (I see this daily):
    runny.jpg gloppy.jpg smushedandliquid.jpg gooey.jpg moreliquid.jpg runnygreen.jpg
    Poops I'm worried about, liquid (I see this daily, often under turkey roosts in morning):
    liquidgoo.jpg liquid.jpg

    Poops I'm worried about, soft/smushed poops, (I find these daily, aslo under turkey roosts in morning):
    softbrown.jpg smushy.jpg smashed.jpg smushed.jpg softsmashed.jpg smushedsmashed.jpg

    Normal poops
    normalgreen.jpg totallynormal.jpg normal.jpg normal2.jpg normalsmushed.jpg

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