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By PoultryQueen101 · Jul 20, 2014 · Updated Jul 22, 2014 · ·
  1. PoultryQueen101
    In the Fall of 2011, we fell in love with a pair of Silkies and bought them for 4H and Show. They are still our loving birds, but Iris, the hen, is a disaster featherwise, but a great mother. Max, her husband, is king of the coop.
    The next summer, Iris decided she wanted to sit on eggs. We then got 3 Lavendar Ameraucanas from the same breeder and another pair of Silkies.
    In the fall on the day of the fair, Iris's eggs decided to hatch. There was 4, 3 roosters and 1 hen. One rooster went to a friend in 4H and was killed by a predator. The other went to another friend, who lives far away and we don't know. The third rooster (we originally thought was a hen,) ended up with a severe Wry Tail, but we sold him. He was an evil little guy...chased us around. The Lavendar's grew up and we thought we had 3 hens, but they ended up being 2 hens and a rooster. Soon enough, the second silkie rooster (Mitchell) was getting beat up and we sold him to a new home. Then, we decided to expand our coops, and made our tree house next door the baby pen. By the winter of 2013 we had around 30 chickens, most of which were chicks we'd hatched. We then decided to give up Ruby (the second silkie Hen).

    We still have Iris and Max and the three lavendars, Silver, Stormy, and Cloudy. We also have a ton of other birds, including other Poultry.
    The birds we are now mainly breeding are White Crested Black Polish and we are trying for some white's as well.

    Our Beautiful Birds
    Max (Iris ... is horror but I'll try to get a picture)
    ~Max is a wonderful rooster, the sweetest thing ever, and he loves his wife and daughter (who is currently mothering 5 Polish chicks and 1 lavendar)

    Cookie - the $100 mom!

    Angel - possibly her daughter

    Neveah - possibly her daughter and sister to Angel

    Oreo - possibly her daughter and sister to Angel and Neveah

    More to come
    (Current Count- 11 +5 chicks)

    Frosty and the 10 Ducklings. 8 Muscovy, 2 Magpie. 3 of them have died since this.

    Cropped photo of Frosty.
    (Current Count- 8)

    The male. We hatched him out June 20th last year. I know their cage is small, but we don't know where to put a run.

    The female.

    (Current Count- 2)

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  1. Rhodebar Lover
    Beautiful flock! Your Golden Pheasants are gorgeous. I'm sorry but Oreo is definitely rooster. My WCB Polish were hard giving me trouble as well.
  2. TheChickenQueen
    Oreo looks like a roo.
  3. luvmypets
    Love the pheasants... Gorgeous
  4. Mountain Peeps

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