Over the next few months, I am on a mission to change the ordinances in my city to allow the keeping of backyard chickens. It's a great winter project, I think. Sitting comfortably in my cozy home with a hot mug of tea or coffee and researching, researching, researching...one of my favorite things to do. I hope to connect with others in my area on here to join forces with me. We only need 3-5 hens at most, hardly an "agricultural" use of our home! While we are renters, we would not have a problem with our landlord allowing a small, clean and well maintained coop and "flock". I tend to think of large numbers of birds when I think "flock", so considering 3 hens a flock is absurd to me.
I have downloaded a copy of the city's ordinances, although there is some alluding in the wording to other ordinances and laws that are not over-ruled by the most current (1998) ordinances. It is a laborious process, as I have to read quite a lot of it - it's a pdf document, but of scanned pages, so the search function does not work. But, like I said, something to do on a cold winter's day.
I have a friend who has a great flock and they produce the most delicious eggs...I am so jealous! But one way or another, some day, I will have my own chickens too.
And so, on to liberating the poultry in my town...