Poult's Flock Of Never Ending Coexistence

By poult · Jan 27, 2015 · Updated Feb 6, 2015 · ·
  1. poult
    Hello! I own a large variety of geese,ducks,chickens and usually turkey's as well.I love to hatch,rear,care for and love my birds!I currently have 8 chickens,2 ducks and 2 geese.I have read many books on care and raising of these birds and would love answering any questions I will do my best!

    So far I have:

    A rooster named Heliotrope named after the flower of October which is a sizzle,polish,1/2 wyandotte and unknown mix along with his brother Dello named after imagination.
    (Heliotrope above.)
    (Dello above.)

    Then their mother Wilda meaning the untamed one in another language I can't remember she is a sizzle,polish,unknown mix.

    Muttly named after her mix of breeds hatched by Daisy she is half barred rock and unknown mixture.

    Daisy named after the flower a full barred rock hen.

    Sunshine named after her color my pure buff Orpington hen.

    Here is Phoenix named after her muff and personality my ameraucana hen.

    Oreo named after her black and white look as a chick my half barred rock mutt.

    My black barred muscovy drake Clark him and his brother Lewis named after the explorers.

    Lewis brother of Clark.

    Assyra my african female goose,named after a place in the bible.

    Damascus best friend of Assyra is female also named after a place in the bible.

    Here is Damascus's first egg!

    I feed them all a mix of 21% protein game bird crumble and scratch.

    I get very few chicken eggs about 0-2 a day and every once in awhile I'll get a tiny egg like the one in this picture it was only the size of a quarter!

    I have a few small waterers for drinking and one big trough for bathing and all are cleaned every day.

    If you would like to know more on the care of such a variety of birds here is another one of my articles:
    [CONTENTEMBED=/a/can-i-keep-ducks-chickens-turkeys-and-geese-together layout=inline]​[/CONTENTEMBED]
    I dedicate this article to the people of BYC!
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    Note:Stay subscribed for further information on the flock!

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  1. poult
    Yes Assyra lets me pet her/him but Damascus is a scaredy cat idk why and I still don't know their genders Pulgrims are suppose to be sweet which is cool so good luck!

    Thanks u guys their my pride and joy!
  2. mymilliefleur
  3. dan26552
  4. Garjzla
    If it was aggressive I would be creeped out by the little stalkers XD They are like adorable, sweet stalkers!:p Can you touch them? I never really knew if you could pet a tamed goose, let alone hold it. They're probably more than half my sizeXD. My mom wants Pilgrim geese, and it would be nice to have a goose that isn't 20 pounds:p. How do you tell genders? Do the males have the big knob on their nose and the females don't?
  5. poult
    LOL I raised both of them from a day old and never ever let them out of my sight until they were around 2 months old they would follow me around and were the sweetest little stinkers well they still are they just get an attitude with me sometimes and strangers get attacked but I like their michevious ways they are geese and that's what they do.They nip but they don't leave any bite marks or anything so I don't mind they follow me around and do EVERYTHING in the coop with me.Overall I love those two a TON!
  6. Garjzla
    Wow! I LOOOOVE African geese! They're so beautiful! Some time I want to ask my mom if I can get African geese. I can't stand how people see one wild goose that's mean and they blame all the geese:/. But most hand raised geese are sweeties! But I wouldn't let them be mothers, I'd be afraid the babies would be mean once they grew up.

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