My name is Theri Voss, and I am a chicken addict.
I have had too many breeds to go back and count. I tried on several of them before settling on my breeds/varieties of choice which I have now in several pens that I intend to breed and hatch and breed some more and hatch some more, etc. and so on. I do not perceive my addiction to be a problem, so don't try to send me to rehab or do any intervention, you will fail. In fact, chances are great that you will be assimilated into becoming a chicken addict along with me.

Okay, seriously folks, I have decided, with the support of my better half, to begin a new venture and turn my hobby into a small business. I am starting up my hatchery this coming year (2012) and will be providing those in need a choice of those breeds which I have deemed hardy enough to handle a Minnesota winter, lay eggs of various colors/shades, and be worth putting on a table for dinner (or at least some soup) when their time comes.

I am working on my web page and it will be up and running near the first of the year.
More pictures will be coming soon as well, but here is a taste of where my birdies will live and a shot or two to get you drooling for more chickens to add to your own flock.







Not all of my stock is exhibition quality, but some are. I have some hatchery stock, however, most of my birds were acquired from breeders. I have Urch lines of Buckeyes, Australorps and Cochins. Others have come from various places across this fine country. I am working toward a show quality flock. I will select breeding stock based on SOP quality as well as temperament. Those that are not listed in SOP, I will breed toward the commonly accepted standard for that breed or variety. Egg color will also be a factor for some breeds such as the Marans and Welsummer. My prices will be set according to the quality of the stock from which my eggs/chicks/started birds come.
A list of breeds I am working on are listed in my signature line.
If I have something you are looking for, please feel free to contact me after the first of the year for availability.
Thanks for lookin'

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