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By Prairie Orca · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Prairie Orca

    (Left to right) Yappy, Scratchy, Quiet Hen, Itchy

    Hey there! Call me Orca. I'm a 19-year-old living in Manitoba, Canada. Probably the flattest place you'll ever see. As of June 1, 2010 my parents have owned an 8 acre property. I moved in July 1 (after completing my final year of high school). For the first few weeks that we owned the farm, my dad and I worked on re-shingling the chicken coop. It was finished the first week of July, and then we went off to BC for a family reunion. Arrived back home the 18th. Eight days later I posted an ad on Kijiji asking for chickens. Next day I got a phone call, and I went over to the address given. There, I picked two hens and two juveniles. Thus, the insanity began July 27, 2010. After wanting chickens my entire life, I finally got to have them. :)

    I allow my chickens to go free range. They love it. :D

    In April 2011 (around the 20th) I will be getting 25 baby chicks from a hatchery in the States. They are the following...

    ♀ Black Australorp x4
    ♀ Buff Orpington x4
    ♀ Barred Rock x4
    ♀ Delaware x4
    ♀ Ameraucana (Easter egger) x4
    ? Ameraucana (Easter egger) x5

    In the future, I hope to have some of the following...

    ♀ Ameraucana (lavender, blue, white) x4 *
    ♀ Cochin x1 - Purchased a white pullet from Poor realtor October 2010

    And further down the road...

    ♂ Silkie (white) x1

    ♀ Silkie (splash, blue, white) x2
    ♂ Ameraucana (silver) x1 *

    * The true Ameraucana. Not Easter egger or Araucana.

    Itchy (front) and Scratchy (back)

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