Pre-Built Chicken Coop Made Better with Modifications

By bmarsh011 · Jul 22, 2013 · ·
  1. bmarsh011
    We have just started raising chickens. We had debated back and forth whether or not to build one ourselves or order one. I the end we did both! Check out the results. I think I chickens will be very happy! You can see more photos of it on our blog also....

    Here is a video of us building the Chicken Coop that we ordered and then modified….

    Here is the 5-star accommodations for our urban-raised free-range (most of the time) Chickens

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  1. bmarsh011
    nope no floor not worried about predators
  2. Trefoil
    Great video. You have really improved on the original. One thing- is there a floor to the run (wire) or some other way to keep predators from digging under?

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