Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken

Question: Why do you think the cover of the pressure cooker instruction book has chicken on it? Answer: A pressure cooker is the best way to cook...
By Parront · Sep 26, 2017 · ·
  1. Parront
    The reason to get a pressure cooker is to cook tough meat, and your rooster fits the description!
    Here are the pages of my recipe book relating to pressure fried chicken:
    I did the last page sideways to try to get more into the scan, it looks funny but I think you can print it better. There are several pages devoted to chicken, pressure cooking used to be what we did with chicken. Now, there aren't any recipes for chicken in the new pressure cooker's instruction books.
    This book is dated copyright 1974, but I do not think it violates copyright to share it here, since the new cookers do not include these instructions and times. I have a small 4-qt and a larger 8 quart cooker. The instructions here apply to a 4-qt Presto with a 15 pound pressure weight. Please be sure to verify the size of cooker you have, the amount of food you put into the cooker must be smaller for the 4-qt size. I prefer the small size when I am only cooking for 2, it pressurizes faster and cools faster. To cook a larger whole old chicken, the large size is better.
    Enjoy eating your Roosters!

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    Hi BYC folks,
    I know that you do not know me yet. I am new here, but I have had chickens, and other birds, since 1978. Yes, I know, “Pre-Internet”. Yes, I am old. My kids told me that in 1999! So, not new info--Why am I here? When I should be just moldering in my grave?
    I have retired and moved to Prescott, AZ. Now, I want chickens again! I went from chickens to parrots, size limits and the HOA will allow a parrot. Please -- don’t tell the HOA that a chicken is a lot quieter than an African Grey, or even a little Cockatiel! I had 10 Cockatiels in my mobile home, no problem. Chickens would have been far quieter!
    My last little Cockatiel died a couple of years ago, age of 24. I was so sad I did not get another pet for a couple of years. To those of you who have had a much loved friend die, I know you understand. Let’s not dwell on the past.
    I found Dylan on Craig’s List after months of watching. (A little like I lurked here for a while).
    OK--Here is the deal on Craig’s List: believe nothing, trust no one: Dylan was advertised as a male, 9 years old. She, according to her leg band, was hatched in ‘94. Lets see, 2016-1994=22 years old, according to first grade math. If you can read a strange parrot’s leg band – you are hired. The Craig’s Listers told me her papers were lost. She was beautiful, I bit! I love my 23 year old hen, even if she was supposed to be a 9 year old cock. (For you chicken people: for parrots, males are the most desirable). Since an African Grey could live into their 80’s, I am not bothered by the age discrepancy. I wanted an older bird. Dylan is far better than a chick would have been!

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  1. Mimi’s 13
    "This is Awesome!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 14, 2019
    Thank you for these “old” recipes, @paront. They are much appreciated!
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    1. Parront
      Just a reminder -- let your bird rest in the frig 2 to 5 days, the older the longer. These recipes are for store birds that have had that time. In old books knowledge is assumed that young, modern cooks no longer have!


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  1. Crooked Chicken
    Thanks Parront! I will have to get myself a pressure cooker sometime in the near future.
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  2. Molpet
    I have a 16 qt pressure canner.. has anyone used that size for a recipie about the size of these? Just me and I don't want to buy another pressure cooker or use more than 6lbs of chicken.. my culls are 5-6 lbs dressed
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    1. Maeschak
      I also have a 16 quart pressure canner... Mine would run dry if I only put 1-2 cups of fluids into it... So I'm a bit too scared to try! But I want to try this recipe so bad!
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    2. Parront
      You can use a larger cooker. Put 2 cups of water, you only cook at pressure for 15-20 minutes. It is not a long time like canning. Do not let it run hot, it only needs to get to the pressure, don't vent it like you were canning. It is cooking on the way up to pressure, and the way down. With a larger cooker, it will take longer to get up to pressure, and longer to come down naturally. Try it with 15 min the first time, even if it is an old bird.
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    3. Parront
      Small pressure cookers are cheaper than they used to be, they are the way to go for 2 people. Much faster.
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  3. Lookin4GoodLife
    I've got my Mom's old pressure cooker, but haven't researched how to use it yet. I also have a ton of her old cookbooks stuck in a box somewhere. It didn't cross my mind, but I guess should have, the difference in cooking techniques and change in cookbooks in general over the years. When I dig those out, if I find anything related, I'll try to add the info. :)
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    1. Parront
      I have a cookbook from 1955, that has the real recipes from scratch. New cookbook just assemble things from cans, it seems! The best is if you have the instruction book that came with your cooker. New cookers are not as strong as old ones, the instructions for my old cooker have replacement part #'s, that you can still get from Presto's website.

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