Prince Igor & his Ladies Fair

By HLee425 · Nov 19, 2013 · Updated Nov 20, 2013 · ·
  1. HLee425
    The king (or prince) of my flock is a Bantam Cochin. Prince Igor was given to me by my mom, who hatched him at my parents' farm in McAlpin, Florida. I chose Igor to start my new flock because he, of all his siblings, had the most attitude even at just a few days old... That sure has not changed! Now approximately 6 months old, Igor is still the lead rooster with 2 Bantam Cochin hens and several younger but much larger Rhode Island Reds living on our farm. We are patiently waiting to hear his first crow! [​IMG][​IMG] We got the RIRs from an auction in McAlpin that we go to with my family on some Saturdays. It was my first attempt to purchase laying hens so I bid on a cage of 5 beautiful red "hens"... but it turned out to be 3-4 month old pullets and/or cockerels. We sold the largest 2 and kept the 3 that we thought might actually be hens. We are still in the dark, hoping they will lay or crow soon? My guess is that the RIRs are 5 months now. In the photos, you will see Prince Igor at less than a week old, and at 6 months with his flock. He is really starting to fill out!

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  1. roostersandhens
    Cute! I like that chick!
  2. scriptkiddieJR
    very pretty birds!
  3. One Chick Two
    What a cute story! Cochins are so precious. Looks like your RIR really like him.
    We have 1 standard sized partridge cochin roo in with our 83 RIR, and he's at the BOTTOM of the pecking order- our tiny OEGB, Sir Banty, runs the show here- even our RIR roos revel him as the flock leader. lol I've come to think it isn't the size of the rooster, it is the size INSIDE the rooster. lol

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