Professor Beakys Gallinaceous Bodacious Chicketorium

By red hen in the rain · Apr 16, 2012 · Updated Apr 16, 2012 · ·
  1. red hen in the rain
    Fifteen chicks, five breeds received from My Pet Chicken on 4-11-2012 here at LeisureLand Community. Currently, chicks are residing in a very deluxe homebuilt 3'x3' plywood brooder box in the living room of the main house filled with all kinds of enrichment activities including river rocks, natural branches,and a large ceramic dish sand bath. Medicated chick starter feed is pecked of flat rocks and scratched out of the sand, no troughs. Chicken contentment and curiosity are priority one - these are intended to be working friends and living art, not Sunday dinner. They are bedded on 2" of aspen shavings. They listen to gypsy jazz and old time fiddle music and sing pretty good little tweety harmonies. More to follow.

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  1. red hen in the rain
    bring your own scratch and a guitar, we'll find you a spot on the roost. :)
  2. blessedchick
    May I come live at your house?

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