Profect D, Pen 2


First F1 hatch: 2 hatched 1-11-2011


hatching 1-17-2011: (hatched 8)

1-23-2011, first 2 chicks at 12 days old; barring is evident...

3-5-2011 photos of F1s


7-14-2011 Note: got first egg (2 of them) yesterday!


F1s were bred together to get the F2s.
F2s hatched September 2011.

I hatched 200, and ended up with 3 females to continue on to the F3s.
F2s were:
Barred;Black;Delaware;Split gold/silver males;Buff Columbian; Barred Buff Columbian & Silver Columbian, as expected. I gave away most of the Barred and Blacks.

Here are a few of them in January 2012.

Disregard the Silver Laced Wyandottes. They are not F2s.