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Promised Land Farm: chickens

  1. ChickenLover200
    Repeep rooster below one of our three roosters

    all three roosters from back to front Peep, Pipsqueak, and Repeep who we think has asthma?
    below: Katie a Gold Link hen who lays an egg every single day and doesn't slack off while molting
    below: Muffin Top a Partridge Rock Hen who just started laying eggs
    below: Connie the white Silkie hen who has some kind of eye problem ever since she was a chick but she is still the sweetest chicken ever
    below: feisty white Silkie hen Thud who got her name from jumping out of my hand back into the brooder [​IMG] [​IMG]
    below: right after their bath they decided to play in the mud! not nice at all! [​IMG]
    from back to front: White Silkie hens Debbie, Andie, and Thud
    below: front to back Andie and Thud right after their bath
    below front to back Debbie White Silkie, a Partridge Rock hen rooster and hen from left to right
    You may not think my article is very exciting but on this farm i would consider what goes on extremely exciting and i hope this makes POW if it doesn't i am fine with that but i would really love to see these perfect little chickens as POW [​IMG]

    Also one more thing to say is this is not all the chickens some just aren't nice enough looking to put them on here and plus stupid me forgot to take pictures of them [​IMG]

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