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    9/21/13 Weekly Update: The chickens were very good this week. I came up with a new an to feed scratch grain instead of just plain old scattering it out... First i get a tub of scratch grain... A big butter tub for the more chickens you have. and a smaller one for the smaller amounts of chickens. I love to feed them the scratch grain in the mornings so it keeps them busy all day through. One plan i use is to go around the run in a trail in different shapes instead of scattering the scratch all over this plan offers a chance for them to communicate and work together following this trail of Scratch grain... You may notice at night there are different groups of chickens in different areas on the roost this is a way for them all to communicate and not have someone left out and i have found that this lasts all day. Another thing i like to do along with the scavenger hunt with scratch grain is to do a scratch grain fountain. There are old stumps in our run so i pour a pile of scratch down over that... It doesn't keep them busy very long. But it does help them to all be together and communicate. That's all for this week! for pictures from this weeks update go to my album on my profile: Some things to do until the next update: Come Check out Promised Land Farms: Chicken Page! also check out some of ChickenLover200's new threads: 9/28/13 weekly update The kittens are starting to move around! They are getting very curious which makes it dangerous for them... :rolleyes: I hope that they do not get into too much trouble. About a week ago We saw that the kittens were shivering and sneezing and they were very cold... so thinking fast we tucked them in our warm coats for a little while... Didn't help when they crawled out of our coats.... well that didn't last because we can't stay down there all day...So we thought of our heated water bowl... our other cats when smaller liked to curl up in this bowl after dumping the water out on the porch (this was in the winter time..) so we dumped the water out dried it and put it in the corner of our one barn where the kittens were and they all ran for it and curled up and fell gently to sleep.... an update of the chickens: well not much here for this week other than they fought over some bread today... haha unfortunately i don't have pics of them because i forgot my camera :( That is all for this week! don't forget to check out the pictures for this week!: (sorry i don't have any for this week yet :() something to keep you busy til' next week: The Mind Buster's Club: 10/5/13 update there is not much this week other than Eagle one of our Barred Rocks died of Crop impaction.... I can't believe it is October already! don't forget to check out my chat thread for early updates! Another thing to add is we got two I think pekin ducks 10/12/13 update so i am doing this early because i won't have time tomorrow because my brothers birthday party is sunday and i will be getting ready for it tomorrow.... so update: Had an egg bound hen and she laid a huge egg! now she is fine... I started some new threads and you can find them on my profile! 10/19/13 update: So my cousins from GA came up for my other cousin from GA's wedding and they came to my gram's house yesterday to stay the night and leave this morning at like 5 am I am sad that the girls had to leave but kinda happy the boys left... without telling me (oh and my gram is my neighbor so yeah...) the boys go and visit the animals.... and i had to hear from the older brother who is a year younger than me that the younger one that said he got bit by Eli for no reason... (Eli is our mini horse) actually had a stick beating Eli with it and that is what made Eli bite him.... then he slapped him with the stick.... I felt like i could have beat him with a stick and see how he feels..... now El;i won't even let me touch him... he is more skittish than he was and he was already beaten by his last owner and now he doesn't even trust me! It took him 3 years for him to earn my trust when we got him now i have to do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rant sorry... I'm just so mad that he would do that! 10/26/13 update: not much going on this week i did clean out the coops and saw some happy chicken faces but other than that pretty much nothin'... I'm thinking about getting some BO's since everyone says they are the best gal's ever! so that will be next year... i am not sure what i want to get for chickens maybe some suggestions? i want brown egg layers.... i will be hatching duckies as soon as the hen starts to lay :ya so ya... 11/16/13 not much going on here... just got he ducks here waiting for the first eggs from them :p

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  1. chickenboy190
    Awesome! My White Rocks lay for like 3-4 years like almost every day and they laid brown eggs :)
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    update posted
  3. ChickenLover200
    yeah i hope he trusts me again soon :(
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    So sorry about Eli :(
  5. chickenboy190
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    update just posted!
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    I can't wait til' next week!
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    update just posted...
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    posting it now!
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    Stay tuned for this week's update! :)
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