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  1. Freerange Chick
    I work in a stressful job so getting home to my chicks is heaven! I never would have guessed when I started 7 months ago the peace and joy the little creature give. I got them when they were a day old. My how they have grown! Here are some pics of my babies.
    .[​IMG] This is Mr. Rooster and Molly. Mr. Rooster is a Barred Plymouth Rock.He is very sweet but is clearly in charge of his ladies. Molly is a Road Island Red. She has decided she doesn't like me and will come running to peck my feet. She's a mess!
    [​IMG] Free Rang'n!! They love the little creek next to their house. The fallen branch is just perfect for relaxing in the hot afternoon! These hens are Buff Orpington, Black Sex-Link and a Barred Rock.

    [​IMG] Just hanging around the back yard. They are so pretty. Love the Ameraucanas. Also shown are Barred Rocks, Buff Orpington, Black Sex-Link and Road Island Reds.

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  1. lightchick
    Love your flock! My favs are BSLs!
  2. scampisi
    Beautiful hens and one handsome rooster. Barred Rocks are one of my favorites and he is lovely. Wish my girls could have a rooster : ( Great garden shots!
  3. arkansas55
    love your flock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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