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By Proverb31mama · Aug 6, 2015 · Updated Feb 21, 2017 ·
  1. Proverb31mama
    What I have:

    Plants (a swap is whatever fits in a medium flat rate box, mix and match is possible :))
    Lilac starts - dark and light purple
    Raspberry starts - spring bearing
    Maroon and yellow Lilies (I can't remember which is which, so you will get whatever I can dig)
    White daffodils

    Essential Oils
    2 - 15ml basil essential oil (1 unopened, 1 opened, but only a few drops used, just not my favorite. Also willing to spilt into smaller bottles if you just want a little)
    15 ml patchouli oil (opened, only a few drops used, just not my favorite, willing to split into smaller bottles)
    15 ml All Around (opened, a Native American nutritionals blend, good for overall healing, health and wellness, just not my favorite, willing to split)

    Lotion using any mix of these oils (2 roller bottles or lotions is one swap):
    Relieve Me (pain relief)
    Potential (concentration/alertness)
    Tummy all better (stomach/digestive issues, kid safe)
    Immune Boom (immune strengthening, kid safe)
    Germ Destroyer (kid safe)
    Sweet dreams (kid safe)

    Custom painted family t-shirts you can see examples on my etsy shop. This is a larger item, a swap would need to match the price on the etsy shop.

    Custom painted t-shirts (1 shirt is a swap)
    Right now I only have some adult sizes and a few toddler sizes available. Pm me if you are interested and I will tell you If I have why you want. (I can paint whatever wording you would like on your shirt, see etsy shop for an idea of what they look like)

    What I want:

    Turkey Eggs

    Other things:
    Incubator - one that is easy to use
    Other chicken supplies
    Other animal supples
    Large Wet Bag Hamper/trash can size
    Baby carrier that is good for a person with a bad back
    Mama cloth
    Kombucha scoby
    Kefir grains
    Tools for the hubby
    Craft stuff

    I'm sure there are many other things I can't think of now. Please pm me if you are interested in something I have and we can see if we can make a deal.

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