Provisional Clc Constitution And By Laws

By ChicKat · Nov 17, 2012 · Updated Dec 4, 2012 · ·
  1. ChicKat
    Thanks for your work everyone -- document to be printed, signed and 'taken to the bank'. :O)

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  1. ChicKat
    Document is removed.
    Great work everyone. Thanks for all the effort
  2. ChicKat
    When this is ported back out, any type face irregularities can be corrected. Seems no choice of typeface here in BYC. added 'sexual orientation' to the non discrimination-- Other changes needed, let me know. Thanks.
  3. ChicKat
    Changes in blue - added dues requirement for office holders, referenced different levels of membership - and added age to non-discrimination. for the next revision I will put these changes in same typeface and any new changes will be in blue.
    T H A N K Y O U R I N D A -- appreciate the attention to detail.
  4. ChicKat
    Thanks Rinda,
    I will look into all of these. And get back to you/the group!
  5. lonnyandrinda
    OK based on the other discussions some changes have not been made here, I would attempt it but I still have to go review the other documents to see how they are worded. I'm going to make a few quick notes now and if I get a chance later I will come back and fix them.
    Article III- we discussed an extra board member that oversaw all regions. Is this in or out?
    Article IV- the tiered membership didn't get transferred to this part of the document. We need to fix this.
    By Laws
    Article II Section 3- do we need to add the the member chosen to finish the term must be a dues-paying member?
    Same with Seciont 4- does an officer need to be due-paying level members?
    Article IV- What kind of limit do we put on the "Charter" members? Do we need to say ahead of the game at what point "Charter" status will no longer be given?
    I think that's all I see for now.
  6. ChicKat
    Removed 'scientific' from Article I at the request of redchicken9
  7. ChicKat
    Okay - Mission wording changed to match the above..... I got feedback from enough to make it a go....
  8. ChicKat
    Here's my suggestion for re-wording the Purpose-goal-mission statement. I think it says the exact same thing-- the language is just smoother IMO:
    The Cream Legbar is a crested, autosexing, light fowl that carries the blue-egg gene. The mission of the Cream Legbar Club is to preserve, promote and provide education about this breed.
  9. ChicKat
    Regarding concern for the History of the Cream Legbar breed, and details about the Roles and Responsibilities and how to do each office... and maybe even elaboration on how to accomplish the goals, or at least --- as GaryDean26 had told us quite some long time ago, and I think Redchicken9 had also iterated this -- the things/requirements for acceptance by the APA.... some of the future tasks are already on the horizon.....
    Now that we are nearing completion on the SOP and the Constitution and By-laws...we need volunteers for a committee to make a club handbook - :O]

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