We can personally recommend keeping chickens and know that the fun, colour and eggs they give will make you a life long fan too! Its great to find those fresh eggs daily, and know they are freshly grown using feeds that can be organic, tasty and wholesome, but did you know that chickens also make fantastic pets too?
Chickens are curious and biddable, friendly and intelligent, and can be easily picked-up by adults or children. Hens cluck happily away either within their house or runs, but like nothing more than to roam in your garden, replacing harmful pests with the best soil conditioner in the business!
Our compact chicken coop is made from fully environmentally grown timber & coated in a light, water based preservative. This chicken house is versatile, stylish and a complement to any garden. It is a compact entry-level coop, which comes with all fittings and instructions included and is easily constructed in under 30 mins!
Suitable for up to 2 HENS or 4 BANTAMS dependent on their size.
Finished dimensions: 140cms WIDE, 62cms DEEP, 120cms HIGH
$199 + free delivery within US
£69.99 + £15.99 p&p within UK / Europe
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