I'm Deborah, owner of The Osceola Buzz in Kissimmee/St. Cloud, Florida! A couple of months ago I started a Life Challenge as a woman in my early fifties who's out of shape, ... well, let me call it as it is... I'm FAT and FED UP! I'm not known as a politically correct person, so forgive me if it offends... I have been fit, trim and in great shape just 6 years ago, but life has beat me up and I went crawling under the bed in a fetal position for a while. I've got about 20 lbs to shed and it's been a trip to say the least in finding the right direction of a new lifestyle. When I was younger, all I had to do is just cut back, but this time, it's taking more effort.

I'm out from under the bed now and ready to get back the 'zest' for life I once had and I'm doing so by first taking a GOOD hard look at what I've been eating for the last, oh, I don't know... 50 some odd years. Because of the wonderful microwave, I've taken on a diet of, well, I'm not really quite sure what to call it... filler maybe?? Processed & fast food had taken over my life.

My first month of going organic, wild, fresh, grass-fed, free-range, I lost 6 pounds and as of a couple of weeks ago, noticed that my hair isn't falling out any more! I've come to the conclusion that our food supply found in local grocery markets is slowly poisoning us and I'm not taking it any more!

I'm doing tons of research and stumbled on this site and thought I'd pop in to see if I can learn anything new. I know there are a TON of opinions out there, but I feel if I'm in a forum with actual farmers of chickens, well, you all should know the truth! So I'll be hanging around, asking questions and listening to what all of you are saying.