Puddin's Chickens

In my bid to get nominated for husband of the year, I set out to build my wife a garden shed/chicken coop. She has wanted one for a long time now and with the price of eggs these days, I thought I would try and save some money........ Anyways, after spending nearly $2000, I can now start saving money on eggs!

This is how far I got the first weekend.


Halfway through the second weekend. I picked up some neat items at the local antique shop.


And another weekend worth of work. SOmehow, the progress seems so much slower. The details take lots of time. Painting has been a labor of love for her. We didn't think this little shed would take 4 gallons of red paint. The trim is varnished cedar. E wanted a split door, so, after spending $150 for a fir door, I measured, then measured, then measured, and thought about cutting it. Then I had a beer, thought about it some more, had another beer, then set to cutting it. I have never taken that much time to make a 36" cut!!!