Puffy the poodle chicken

By Chictaw · Feb 27, 2013 · Updated Feb 28, 2013 · ·
  1. Chictaw

    This is Puffy sleeping with her stuffed kitty. She loves her kitty.

    Puffy is a 1 yr & 9 month old silkie, that thinks she is a poodle. She lives in the house with our 2 toy poodles. She follows them around and when they bark she copies them. When the dogs go out on the deck she goes out with them, when they come in she follows them back in. She doesn't act like a chicken. She wears little chicken diapers, and wants to be held most of the time when she is not in her cage. She doesn't like to go outside for very long. She doesn't like the cold or the heat. She is our spoiled little girl. We have 8 big girls outside, 3 Plymouth Rocks, and 5 Rhode Island Reds. Puffy doesn't want no part of them girls outside. All our girls are spoiled, they follow my husband around like the pied piper. We named our girls outside the Chictaw Tribe, because my husband is Choctaw so that is why they are the Chictaw's.

    My husband built the house and made the figures on the house. I painted them.
    This is when the girls were very small. We had just put them out in their house.

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  1. Chictaw
    She only weighs a 1 1/2 lbs. I make the diapers myself. She has many different colors and prints. They have chicken diaper patterns on BYC. And many other places on the web.
  2. 6 littleHens
    Puffy is so cute! She looks so little. Are those diapers expensive?

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