Pullet standing in odd way

By Aginnever · May 22, 2019 · ·
  1. Aginnever
    I raised three pullets and unfortunately a hen became very aggressive and while I was away killed one on Tuesday. The other two survived the day. One had a bad head wound that I washed and applied triple antibiotic ointment too. The other had only wounds to her comb which I applied ointment too as well. She is eating, running and flapping around, and drinking.I seperated them from the flock. The next morning I checked on them and the chicken with the head wound was dead.

    A few hours later I checked on the surviving chicken and she seems very almost depressed. She didn't run away from me like she usually does, ahe didn't want mealworms and she is very puffy looking. I put her in a coop with other hens her size and ahe perked up right away and ran to them, ate, and drank.

    Then I noticed she is only standing on one foot and constantly chirping, she is still standing in a poofy manner. I did not see her standing on only one foot yesterday as she was walking all over the place. Any suggestions?

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