Pure Chicken Love

By PrimroseMom1 · Oct 15, 2012 · Updated Oct 15, 2012 · ·
  1. PrimroseMom1

    Last Easter (2012) my granddaughter and I decided that we wanted to raise some chickens. We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We drove to nearby Gonzales, Louisiana to a feed store where we bought 2 production chicks. Katniss 1 died. Then Katniss 2 died. We bought another one day old chick from a different store, Primrose. For a while Primrose was alone, but she survived. For a while it was just Primrose and us so she came to believe that we were her moms. We held her and loved on her and she is our real true pet chicken and pure chicken love. This photograph is my granddaughter and Primrose in September 2012. Later we bought two Black Stars that we love, but there will never be a love like our Primmy Baby.

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  1. iluvorpingtons
    That is sooooooooooo cute!!!! :D

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