Pure English Orpingtons

By kidcody · Feb 2, 2012 · Updated Feb 28, 2014 · ·
  1. kidcody
    04-07-15 Silvers & skip 154.JPG 3-20-15 Skip 324.JPG View attachment 1307044 The "Pure English Orpingtons" to me there is nothing like the beautiful English Orpington chickens. Recent imports of these rare creatures have blessed our shores. Thankful to Greenfire Farms and to Marc Sacres Orpingtons for recently importing these English beauties! If you are looking to add something different super friendly and docile these should be for you. These are large fowls with gentle nature for the whole family. They are the most docile beautiful, gentle chickens....wish everyone could own them. Extremely healthy and exceptionally large breed of chickens. The whole family can enjoy and make outstanding pets. Mine still lay eggs even after two years...a very hardy chickens! highly recommend for the whole family! Autumn Farm Orpingtons of Washington State and our new farm in Colorado have bred several variety of colors!
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  1. kidcody
    Please share your comments with us on this outstanding chickens!
  2. Phantom_Rooster
    They are just fluffy round beautiful chickens. There is no reason to stray from their original standards. The English are true Orpingtons. Isn't that where they originated? I'm glad to see them here.

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