Pure English Silver Laced Orpington rooster, "Skip" is our foundation father

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  1. kidcody

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  1. kidcody
  2. kidcody
    "SKIP" Is a Pure English Silver Laced Orpington. Skip was picked from Bob Follows as a top quality breeder rooster. Skip has surpassed on his quality on many level. He continues to grow and surpass many expectations of a breeding quality rooster. Skip has many, many offspring's. He continues to have a very gentle nature and loves to be held. He is the matriarch on the farm and has over 15 Pure English Orpington hens that keep him company, along with many up and coming young juveniles that he looks over. Skip covers a ground of 5 acres, he free ranges during the day and spend his evening locked in a heated ventilated barn, yes, Skip is spoiled! and is very much apart of Autumn Farm Orpington farm life!
  3. kidcody
    Thank you for all of your kind words for Skip, and for many generations to come!
  4. kidcody
    silver Laced "Skip" one of a kind, Super docile, gentle....quality breeding...super disposition...Walking through the up and coming opportunity to see all of super stares., he reaches for otherwise to make a difference! there are several step forw

  5. kidcody
    All of our Silver Laced are 100% Keith's Orpington bloodlines, at this time we have not sold or released our Keith's Silvers.We have only sold a total of 5 (five) Orpington Galore's older breeding stock, and sold some Silver eggs 5 time on eBay...we are a small poultry farm here in Washington State.We no longer breed Orpington Galore's line due to the yellow skin. We are accepting preorder for our Keith's Orpingtons.
  6. crazyfeathers
    LOVE! Skip is an incredible looking rooster, please ship him to me lol.
  7. kidcody
    Skip, is a beautiful example of what a Pure English Silver Laced Orpington should look like, tremendous size and width, short back, excellent wing position and tail carriage with over all balance, personality that shines and he passes on these qualities to his offspring's. Many thanks to Keith's Orpington and Bob Follows for their help and support. Marc, Autumn Farm Orpingtons

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