Pure English Spangle/Mottle Orpingtons

By kidcody · Jun 24, 2015 · Updated Dec 31, 2016 · ·
  1. kidcody

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  1. kidcody
    The Pure Spangle/Mottle Orpiongtons are well protected as they are the last of this bloodline in the USA. They are in excellent hands! At this time we are building up this flock in order to share with others, Please ask us how all of are doing! We are taking well care of each of them to insure these bloodlines will pass on for many generations. God Bless to all! Autumn Farm English Orpington.
  2. Bloveschickens
    I love the laced hens!
  3. Handyhens
    So beautiful! <3
  4. lovepeeps
    very pretty
  5. crazyfeathers
    Magnificent looking birds!!!!

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