This is my first blog posting of anything, anywhere. So it's not going to be too fancy. Not now; probably not ever. I do have a few images to share:​

This is me at the Snake Farm in New Braunfels, TX. I'm the one on the right!
This is another one at the Snake Farm. I'm living proof that not all vegans are undernourished and skinny! [whine] I don't have a thyroid, I'm over 50 and I have a very sedentary job. [/whine] The T-shirt reads "All cat owners know: no one owns a cat".
My husband refuses to allow me to post pics of him anywhere. Even pics in which he's fully clothed
But my cats can't say no.​
This is Angel Annabel. At 14 years old, she is the oldest of the cats in our pride and has been with us the longest. So she's boss lady and she never lets the other cats forget it! She came to live with me in March 1996, when my long time companion Stevie had gotten very old and I thought that she wouldn't be with me very much longer. Actually, Stevie lived more than three additional years, passing over the rainbow bridge in August, 1999.

Cheyanna ("Shy anna") Sue is the next oldest. She came to live with me (I was single at the time) about a month after Angel. Stevie was old and cranky and refused to have anything to do with Angel. So Angel was lonely and needed company during the day while I was at work. Chey-chey is very reticent around strangers and not very assertive with the other cats. When they were both younger, Biscuit made her miserable by tackling her and successfully bullying her into submission. (All of them were neutered as soon as it was possible so it wasn't mating behaviour.) Unfortunately, she's low in the pride's pecking order because of that.

This is Angelo Biscotti Ricotti Rigatoni Baloney. He's the aforementioned "Biscuit". Like all children of any species, he knows he's in trouble when we use his whole name. He adopted us. One day in the Spring of 1998, DH was working on his old Dodge Ram truck and this adolescent boy cat came up and announced that he wanted to be our cat and wouldn't take no for an answer. At least that's the story DH told me!
His odd name came about when the legendary Eric E. Strong at Texas Tech (guns up, y'all) was joking with me that I'd never name a black cat "Angel". Well, we already had
"Angel Annabel" so this one's Angelo.
This is Bandit. We adopted him when we had an "opening" in the pride due to Stevie's death. He's our blue-eyed, cross-eyed boy. He has to check everything out and does not like to have any doors closed to him. Therefore, he spends a great deal of his time trying to open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.
As they say, "Last but not least", here's Sarah Michelle. She wants to be the pride's alpha cat but Angel and Biscuit keep her in her place.


Now on to the new chickies.