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Purplegoannas Chicken Brooder

  1. Purplegoanna
    PG's Hatching & First stage Brooder
    I use a large 100ltr plastic storage box from my local home store
    I then cut out a square hole. I made a plastic perspex lid with a handle & breathing holes drilled in it and used hinges to attach it to the lid.

    To one side i drilled a hole to put my electrical cord through and used a ceramic lamp fitting with a 100w heat bulb
    To regulate the heat and save changing to different bulbs i use a 'dimmer switch' i can lower or raise the heat/glow of the bulb
    And the finished brooder..

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  1. Narihde
    How does it not overheat/warp?
  2. Ctptcha
    Sorry about that. Love the brooder! Great design!
  3. Bree801
    This looks great! Love how simple and clean it looks.
  4. Purplegoanna
    no because the inside ambient temp should neva get that hot and the ceramic lamp fitting stops the plastic lids from overheating.
  5. country chicks
    Did you have any trouble with the lid warping from the heat?
  6. realsis
    what a wonderful idea!! i love it!!
  7. Purplegoanna
    For the floor i line with newspaper and then put a small thin layer of hay or straw or if the lawn is long enough and the lawn mowing clippings get dried out in the sun i use a couple of handfuls of that too....cant be used as a incubator as you cant get the humidity correct. You can safely house upto 25 freshly hatched chicks in it, but would need to rehouse them at 2wweks for more room...+ youd have to change the bedding daily, which is easy with this i simply take the lid off, put all the chicks in a cardboard box, empty the bedding give it a spray with the garden hose the wipe out excess water, relay my newspapaer and lining and put them back in with the lid back on...
  8. Purplegoanna
    im in new zealand, the bin cost $25, the cable from bunnings $8, the ceramic holder $4, the perpexs i had lying around and the dimmer cost $23.......
  9. chicken girl 8
    how much did it cost? Where did you get the supplies? Can you give me a list of things you used. Please.
  10. tamdeva
    and a PS. For flooring, I would use the rubber non slip shelf linner, its washable, and will help avoid splaylegs.

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