Pvc Run 9x6

By ScotH · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. ScotH
    I had a bunch of PVC connectors in our garage still in a sealed bag, went and bought the pipes for HomeDepot (in hindsight I should have used conduit, but PVC it is.)
    1" side rails, 3\4" arches ... Totals are 8' long, 6' wide, 4' tall
    I will mount the 1" pipes to my wooden base usung conduit straps, then connect the last 3\4" pipe to the coop the same way.
    (Sept. 20, 2010)


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  1. chick rookie
    How did this work in the winter? Did you have anything break due to the cold? What kind of wire did you cover it with?

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