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I have kept ducks for years, if you have any questions on Mallard standards I can help. I show my ducks twice a year in the junior poultry section...
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    My Poultry - Quacking Pigeon
    Hello fellow humans :frow. So you are most likely here because you wanted to see what poultry I have or just ended up here. Well here’s something about me, I live in New South Wales, Australia. I have been showing ducks since 2017, I know it hasn’t been long... So let’s get into the birbs I own currently.

    So the ducks. The breeds of ducks I own are muscovies, mallards, crossbreds and mules/hinnies. I’ll begin with the mallards.

    I own 10 mallards, 1 white and the rest are natural. The white mallard is called Daisy, she was around 9 when I got her, and I’ve had her for around 2-3 years. Daisy is the trouble maker out of the group, she will always walk the wrong way or be the last when out when I’m trying to lock the ducks up for the night. Daisy is a pretty sweet duck, and she isn’t as flighty as when I first got her.

    The 4 natural drakes are Cheeky, Chirpy, Rex and young drake I haven’t named yet. Cheeky was my first mallard drake I got, along with his girls Lovely and Missy (Missy who is no longer with us). Cheeky is a quite calm drake, he gets along with the other boys quite well.

    Chirpy is Cheeky’s son. Chirpy is a fluffy boy, and his girlfriend is a crossbred duck. Chirpy is the easiest drake to catch, due to him being handled a lot as a duckling. But he can be quite the trouble maker sometimes. Also, Cheeky has been to quite a few shows, some his last owner entered him into and some I’ve enterded him into. Cheeky has got ‘Champion Junior Waterfowl’ in one show I’ve entered him into.

    The next mallard drake is Rex, I only got Rexy boy last year along with his girls Kara and Faith. Rex is quite small compared to Cheeky and Chirpy, and he has a slightly racey appearance to him. Him and his girls came from near the NSW and VIC border. Rex, is quite a quiet drake, and it took him a while to learn how to get into the kiddies pool (he only really learnt how to a few weeks ago). This is his first molt at his new home, and his first year without his wings trimmed.

    The next boy is unnamed, he hatched last year along with his two sisters who one is unnamed and the other I have currently forgotten the name for. His dad is probably Rex, as he has quite a racey appearance and he is small. He likes flying around a bit when let out.

    I have three breeds of pigeons at the moment, these breeds are: Fantails (pet quality), Birmingham Rollers (show type), and Serbian highflyers (show type, performance type).

    My fantails are mainly white, but I do have two blue bar hens and some young that are blue and red grizzle. I may also be getting some blacks and black & white fantails on Saturday. I began breeding fantails the next year or a few months after I got my first birds that were crossbreds (I got them at around October 2016). I used to have a lot of fancytails in 2017 which can be seen in one of my first YouTube videos I had uploaded to my channel. Link: Lazy Pigeons

    Speaking of my old birds and loft when it was still new, it looks so clean in that old video. Future me could def learn something from that. Anyways back to more breeds.

    Birmingham Rollers:
    I got my first Birmingham rollers last year near the end or midway, I don’t quite remember anymore. My dad got me a pair of Birmingham Rollers, 2 pairs of Serbian Highflyers (which I don’t even have any of those pairs left now), and an extra young Serbian highflyer. The birds came from the ACT and if you have no clue where that is it’s the Australian Capital Territory also known as Canberra.

    For about a month the Birmingham rollers and Serbian highflyers were in quarantine, then I moved them in with a pair of my other Serbian highflyers and an extra bird that I’m still yet to find out the gender of. The name of the Birmingham rollers are:
    Pebbles (hen on the left), Captain (cock bird on right).

    Pebbles took my liking right away as she was quite pretty and she listened to me. Also, the rollers in general got my liking right away as I full for birds that have a similar shape as the American Domestic Show Flight a must wanted breed of mine. Pebbles and Captain have raised 3 young, of those young one died from something. The oldest bird is this demon below:
    54665C13-2092-4D9A-A84D-DE400325DF33.jpeg D58F3573-6222-472A-8E5F-FB49C20BD7F7.jpeg 9CFF86D8-746F-415E-8DC3-37CBEA95408A.jpeg
    The first child has a really nice colour and is very pretty. I’m pretty sure it’s a cock bird, which is good as I’m probably getting a new roller this weekend that I could pair up to him after quarantine. The roller I may get is a performance Birmingham roller.

    The 3rd child from Pebbles and Captain is really sweet, although it is beginning to get tired of me catching it and washing and blow drying it. It was getting bullied by the nasty Serbians and the demon above.
    BFBC6247-5FD6-4996-BCEF-492AD076F038.jpeg 4A2FADB5-7EEE-4A52-AE27-757960E6C116.jpeg 7702DE69-7C38-4D41-8518-EAEADDACF130.jpeg 0E37727F-FCA5-4A02-AD84-C72EBBB48480.jpeg

    Serbian Highflyers:
    This breed I’ve had for a while and can be hard to find other birds for the bloodline. I have both performance quality and show quality birds. The difference between them is the show birds are smaller bodied, and they have smaller beaks and better pearl eyes compared to my performance birds who are much larger bodied, don’t always have the greatest pearl eyes and they have a bit of a longer beak.

    My first pair of Serbians I got here in this video:
    Link: New Pigeons The white bird in the video died, the male Serbian highflyer disappeared, and I still have the ‘female’. They never produced any young together because of the so called female doesn’t ever lay eggs. Is it a gay or infertile pigeon I wonder, we’ll it doesn’t really matter as it’s a pretty bird and one of my favourites of my Serbian highflyers.

    My next pair I got from a person who races pigeons, he used the Serbian highflyers to teach the racing pigeons to fly higher as suppose to flying low. They are a nice pair who’s first few batches of eggs were infertile, but thankfully they have had sucessful hatches and now I have four birds from them. Speaking of which the pair are on more eggs now. This is what they look like:

    Too be continued...

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    Nice grey mallards!
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  2. happy duck
    Where do you/how to do show your ducks? I have always thought about it so..some info could help. Maybe a link of a form I could sign into or something. Thanks for the article...was fun to look at! I also wanted to ask a question:
    I know what blood line means, but I want to know more on the subject(if that makes since) Thanks!
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    2. happy duck
      Thanks!!! I will have to look into it! If I do show any it will be Jeffery...but before he needs to lose some weight and he needs to diaper trained! Do the ducks that show need to be very very behaved or can you have a squirmy one in there too! Jeffery is still a little squirmy so I might just buy some more ducks, get them real comfortable to people then show those!
    3. Quacking Pigeon
      You need to handle your ducks and get them cage trained. You could search up a video of duck showmanship and just get Jeffery used to being handled like that. And for the cage training put him in a cage about the size of the ones at Show and just get him used to being alone.
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    4. happy duck
      I will work on it...if I decide I want to pursue this kind of thing...
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    This is a very useful article. :thumbsup

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