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I have kept ducks for years, if you have any questions on Mallard standards I can help. I show my ducks twice a year in the junior poultry section...
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    Quacking Pigeons Poultry- Ducks and Pigeons
    I have kept ducks for years, if you have any questions on natural Mallard standards I can help. I also keep pigeons.

    I feed my ducks scratch mix which has corn, seeds and pellets in it. My ducks aren’t the best layers (if I change what I feed them they may be) of all time. They are healthy and I’ve only lost a few adults to being sick but that’s one bloodline I had.

    The ducks which are the most productive are the muscovies, they have produced many (and I mean a lot) offspring. Muscovies are hard to keep clean for show so I got some black ones since they will stay clean. The mallards are great little ducks, they are easy to get to standard but they don’t lay much and are hard to breed for me.

    Poultry I own
    Mallard ducks (natural, white)
    Muscovy ducks (white, black, black & white)
    Crossbred ducks
    Hybrid duck (Mallard x Muscovy)

    Newest mallard ducks: Faith, Kara and Rex

    Sumo Hinny Drake (Muscovy Female x Mallard Male)

    Homers/racers (blue bar, checker, pied)
    Normal fantail (blue bar)
    Birmingham Rollers (red grizzle, red pied)
    Serbian high flyers (blue bar, blue checker, red, black)
    Crossbreds (red, multicolored, white)

    Female crossbred (left), male crossbred (right)

    Serbian Highflyer Pair (Male Left, Female Right)

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    Nice grey mallards!
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  2. happy duck
    Where do you/how to do show your ducks? I have always thought about it so..some info could help. Maybe a link of a form I could sign into or something. Thanks for the article...was fun to look at! I also wanted to ask a question:
    I know what blood line means, but I want to know more on the subject(if that makes since) Thanks!
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    2. happy duck
      Thanks!!! I will have to look into it! If I do show any it will be Jeffery...but before he needs to lose some weight and he needs to diaper trained! Do the ducks that show need to be very very behaved or can you have a squirmy one in there too! Jeffery is still a little squirmy so I might just buy some more ducks, get them real comfortable to people then show those!
    3. Quacking Pigeon
      You need to handle your ducks and get them cage trained. You could search up a video of duck showmanship and just get Jeffery used to being handled like that. And for the cage training put him in a cage about the size of the ones at Show and just get him used to being alone.
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    4. happy duck
      I will work on it...if I decide I want to pursue this kind of thing...
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    This is a very useful article. :thumbsup

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