Quail 2

By DuranAndy · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 19, 2012 · ·
  1. DuranAndy

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  1. TehLizardKing
    As i was typing, my fave male Texas A and M (Quill) who was sitting on my shoulder, crowed right in my ear...
  2. TehLizardKing
    I breed quail and quite often find that even if the parents are the same colour, the chicks may be COMPLETELY different. (We got 4 tuxedos, 1 yellow and two browns from parents that were both yellow) Which is kind of annoying if you want specific colours.
  3. CHickeyz
    So I just hatched around 40 baby coturnix they are all different colors a few of each color, I got them for breeding with jumbo browns that are currently in the incubator, So I asked the guy that I got the 1st eggs off of why they were all different colors and he said he forgot to tell me they'd be mixed, but they are all coturnix (obviously) but the guy has gotten sick of my questions and won't answer me to as if they are all related. am I to assume that they are? like the yellow ones are related to the tuxedos. or are each color from different parents? It might seem like a stupid question but I know nothing about quail so any advise would help

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