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Quaker Coop My Small Flock Coop

By jballone · Dec 8, 2012 · ·
  1. jballone
    Here are some pics and a short description of my 4'x4' "Quaker Coop" that I constructed this summer. The coop currently houses 3 hens but could easily fit 4-5.

    This coop is 4' x 4' with wheel barrow handles and wheels for moving it around the "homestead"!
    In this pic you can see the "man door", nest box with locking lid and 14"x21" window.


    Here is the back of the coop showing the vent and pop door.

    Here is a pic of the interior showing the PVC feeder and roost with poop tray.
    The tray is filled with fine sand making cleaning easy.



    The nest box lid.

    The girls looking for treats!

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  1. PNW_Peepers
    Need photos of construction.
  2. silver1polish
  3. jballone
    I get zero poop on the walls and personally would not paint the inside. The chickens poop straight down, hence the poop tray. The only time I found a spot on the wall was when one of the hens had diarrhea and it was just one time and cleaned up with some diluted bleach water.
  4. busymadre
    I noticed the inside was not painted. Trying to decide whether to bother painting on the inside or not. Some say the poop gets on walls and such. What are your (or anyone's ) thoughts?
  5. jballone
    The sand works perfect! I use a kitchen sifter to scoop the droppings out.
    As for the feeders, the tubes are filled and the food fills the attached bowl as it's eaten.
  6. RangingChicks
    I like the idea of sand in the poop tray. Does it help? All in all a great coop :)
  7. Roxannemc
    Dang thats nice
    I like the overhangng roof and the way you set up the poop tray with sand and the color too.
    Do you fill the pipe feeders and it falls down as they eat?.i need a different system..Are the bottom just end caps?

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