Hi! My name is Meghan and I live in Beautiful Pittston, Maine with my wonderful Hubby Eddie and our two children: Ethan is 6 and having a GREAT time in Kindergarten (and currently wants to know how tar is made, so send me an e-mail if you know), and Riley is adorable and 3. I am SO VERY lucky.
We currently have:

3 cats, 2 black ones named Daisy and Melanie, and a gray tabby named Gaffer.
2 dogs: 1 8 year old Choc Huskadore (from before Designer dogs were cool!) named Charlie, and Annie, an 8 year old Choc Lab.
1 Guinea Pig named Li'l Oh (named by my son!). Oh, yeah, he says her name is Li'l Oh Cheeks LOL.

And.. drumroll please...
10 nearly grown up chickens, and 3 babies in the brooder box! Our main flock consists of 4 Barred Rocks, 4 New Hampshire Reds, and 2 Rhode Island Reds. Out of these, I'd have to say the Barred Rocks have the most personality, although I think my New Hamps are the prettiest birds in my flock. The new babies are a mix of Buff Silkie and Americauna. All have 5 toes and black skin. 2 have the funkiest feathers! It'll be interesting to see how they feather out. Poor Mabel, though... little thing is such an ugly duckling (chickling??). I bet she'll be the most beautiful in the flock someday! I admit to being somewhat obsessed with my chickens.. but how could I help it? They never ask me to make them ANOTHER snack, they don't leave dirty clothes and dishes around, and they PUT THEMSELVES TO BED!!
I love to read and garden, when I can squeeze it into my day. Our pets think I'm the hub of the universe, and circle me like a wagon wheel (especially if I'm slow to get their food down!)

Thanks for visiting me!