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    Hello All,

    since we are new chicken owners at the R&J chicken shack, we really don't have much to say yet.
    What we do have are=
    4 black Jersey giant hens,
    one Blue sumatra hen,
    one little black Bantam hen (currently sitting on 12 eggs)
    one Red Sexlink hen
    one Rhode Island Red hen
    two mixed red hens
    A trio of Red Jungle fowl
    two pairs of little Suramas
    14 pharoah quail
    Two little girls (Ryah and Jynah) (R&J)
    a dog
    a softshelled turtle
    Three red fin shiners
    a goldfish
    a Plecotamus (sucker fish)
    and a Budgerigar Parakeet.
    when we have more to say we will. Until then God bless.

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