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These, for people who havn't seen the pics around the forums, are my now deceased chickens from my last flock. I had 2 more
before this pic was taken, but they were also killed by a coon. Poor babies.And even before those chickens died, i had 6 chickens, but two died
as chicks. The ones seen below are the ones who survived chickhood, and the first coon attack, but sadly, not the next one.

I can't help feeling that I should've skipped school that day so they wouldn't have been killed.
When I came home from school, as usual, the first thing I did was went out to feed the chickens.
To see them, Lifeless... lying on the coop floor, neck feathers pulled out in clumps, heads barely recognizable.... you could imagine the hurt.
I ran in and told my mom, and... well.. Chicken math wasn't an option because it was in the winter and we had apparently decided we would only buy them from tractor supply from then on.
For the next few days, the culprit came back into the coop and ate more off of the carcasses of my babies because I was still too torn up to bury them.
We went to tractor supply as usual... but not for feed.. it was for revenge.
We bought a live-trap and I set it myself, hoping to get the revenge all for myself. Anid It ended up that i didn't. I'm too soft, my mom's too soft, and my dad was on the road. He is a semi driver.
We caught the culprit, a raccoon 2-3 days (i cant remember) after we set the trap.
Since both of us are softies, we couldn't kill the the thing.
We put the trap in the car and headed up to our nearest city.. 15 miles away.
We let it run off in a ditch near the k-mart dumpsters.
It would be able to eat pretty much eveyday out of the trash. We havn't had an attack since that day. I found out where the coons got in the previous times and secured it with some heavy-duty wire.

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