My name is Rachel. I founded HoppyEnough Farm in 2004 and it has become kind-of a family thing With my mom getting involved more and more. We started raising Mini Rex Rabbits. We got my first pair from Alice & Emily Reeber (Me & Em's Rabbitry. Fife Lake, MI). I got several chickens from the feed-store and a pair of ducks from a friend the same year.
Over the years we have had to sell out of chickens & ducks one time. We have had up to 60 Rabbits at one time (strict limit of no more than 30 now). We have moved sevral times. We have cut back to 4 Rabbits (then added more again). We stopped going to rabbit showes (but we plan to attend more in the comming years). I joined 4-H (then dropped out). I joined the American Rabbit Breeder's Assn. & Regesterd my Rabbitry with them. We spent 4 months in the Carolinas. I traded a rabbit for 2 turkeys. We have had sevral of our oldest bunnies die... Those are all of the major events that I can think of right now.
Currently I have:
1 Broad-Brested White Tom (Gus-Gus)
1 Broad-Breasted White Hen (Girlie)
1 Runner Duck (hershey)
1 Pekin Duck (Ducky)
1 call Drake (Romeo)
2 call ducks (Juliett & Snow White)
a silkie Rooster (Nigel)
a Cochin bantie/silkie Hen (Onyx)
a Booted hen (Speckles)
3 Cockeralls out of Specks & Nigel
1 Pullett out of Onyx & Nigel
11 Chicks out of Onyx, Specks & Nigel
1 Jersey Wooly Doe (Foxey)
1 Jersey Wooly Buck (Guy)
7 Mini Rex Bucks (Mucky, Jake, Troubadour, Cole, Cody, Blu, Alik)
6 Mini Rex Does (Stellar, HollyWood, Lulu, Encore, Stomp, Budd)
I also have 5 dogs, 2 Cats, a gerbil, a tertle, 2 Rats, & 5 Pet Bunnies.