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By rack08lee · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. rack08lee
    All Health Studio LTD

    Airdale Ave, Chiswick, London, W4 2NW, +44.020 8133 7115, United Kingdom

    Website: http://www.allhealthstudio.com

    Email: reginaldlenney@gmail.com

    Reginald Lenney - The Holistic Coach is a health & lifestyle coach and has been working around the world for many sporting stars, Fortune 500 CEOs and Hollywood A list celebrities including WESLEY SNIPES, SUSAN SARANDON, ROBIN WILLIAMS, PIERCE BROSNAN, PATRICK STEWART, KEVIN BACON, HALLE BERRY, BRITNEY SPEARS, AL PACINO, GERARD BUTLER, to name but a few... Helping the best to stay the best and being better then you thought you could be. Providing on site services right to your home or office as well as in our locations in Greater London and Brighton. Reginald has assembled an amazing team of top professionals in the industry to work one on one with clients to design programs specifically around you, ensuring you can continue your program in your home and away, around your lifestyle. We provide complete health services taking every aspect of your life and health into account. We start from the core of who you are and what your body needs; from detoxing, cleansing and super cell building through to muscle balancing, body alignment, nutrition, supplements and therapy. Along with our real life Nutrition and Exercise programs, which are designed in a way that you can maintain it in your every day life, we combine Counseling, Massage and Sports Therapy to ensure you don't do any damage. We work your entire body and mind to open up your energy flow, align your body frame, balance your muscles, repair scar tissue and relieve tension. If you have already experienced an injury, we can help to repair the damage, correct the imbalances and eliminate the pain so as to get you back on track. Whether your goals are to lose weight, change your body shape, improve your strength, get to that next level of performance and power, recover from injury, keep healthy, pre or post pregnancy, cope with lifes stresses or just generally feel more energized and alive, we will work with YOU every step of the way. view amazing testimonials from around the world @ www.allhealthstudio.com Specialties My passion is in Sports Therapy and helping to reach new levels of health, fitness and achievement. I love a challenge, when you have been told "nothing can be done" or "learn to live with it" or "this is going to take month's (or years) to get over", these are the people i want to work with to prove their body can do much more then they are lead to believe and you do have other options. Check out the web site for testimonials of clients who tell their friends about my therapy.

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