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By racuda · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. racuda
    I wanted some chickens so I built a coop. Then I built another, and another and another...So far there are five, and I only need one more...yeah right!

    Coop #1:
    Looks a little like an outhouse doesn't it? Since this picture was taken I have added some trim, a chicken sign and a flower box to
    dress it up.

    Here is coop # 2:

    Coop 3 is a playhouse coop:
    IMG_0574copy.jpg IMG_0575copy.jpg

    Here is coop #4:

    And Coop #5:
    IMG_1632.jpg Coop_5.jpg
    Coop 5 is primarily a Guinea coop.

    Well, after saying "no more coops" I built another. My last. I liked it so much I retrofitted the first two coops with full height roofed runs.
    This coop is for buff Silkies.The design and overall footprint is the same as coop 1 at the top of the page, but the taller run makes it feel much more spacious.
    Coop 6.

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  1. THough1956
    Love your coops Randall!!

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